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In the name of Allah  the most gracious and  the most merciful
 dengan nama Allah yang maha pemurah lagi maha penyayang
        FIESTWO or its acronym Five Elective Science Two is one of the twelve  form five classes in   Sultan Alam Shah Islamic College (SASIC). Class of 98 is our hope to aim results of flying colours in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) on November 1998. So, the homepage would be very precious for us especially when we are ex- SASICIANS. Fiestwo consist of twelve handsome boys and 14 cute girls. We have a special identity can make the world of future free from any enemy like Godzilla, Armeggodon, Annaconda and Alien Workshop.
        Our class teacher is Miss Rashida binti Abdul Rahman. She is a good and merciful teacher. She wants us to succeed in exam and our morality. She will be so annoy when she hears one of  us make a disipcline trouble  against the rules of Sultan Alam Shah Islamic College. She also hopes that we can make the best for us and put this college's name on the highest rank in SBP all over Malaysia.
       Other teachers  who teach our class are Mr Ch'ng, Mr Mahmood, Ms Saadiah, Mrs Ainon, Ust Rashidah Nor, Ust Zaleha, Mrs Zalina, Mrs Rohazila, Ust Nik Mahizan and our PAFA teacher Mrs Siti Hilmiyah. They also hope and pray for us to do well in exam and make our future bright like the moon and the stars those sparkling and twinkling against the dark blue the sky.
        Thank you to those who have cooperate in making Fiestwo home page as well as like this. May Allah bless you.        
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